Soul Support

Why SOUL Support?

  • The foundation of a successful school career is a three-party responsibility of the school, the students and the parents, each equally involved and committed

  • A new school faces challenges, both organisation wise and financially

  • Management & teachers should be able to be fully focused on everything to do with education / teaching / development of kids

  • Parents are very supportive of the school and have relevant expertise and networks

  • There is an opportunity to contribute to the successful roll-out of the concept of the SoU






What is SOUL Support?

A group of parents who have established a SOUL support group in addition to existing support from the ‘Participation Council’ and the ‘class parents’

Management has indicated the areas where they could benefit from parent support. Committees are therefore formed in the following areas:

  • Financial

  • Subsidy & Sponsoring

  • ICT

  • Housing (current & new location)

  • Instruction support in class

  • Excursions & other festivities

  • Coordination

How do we organise SOUL Support?

1. Organisation Committee

The goal is to support the management and teachers in an effective and efficient manner to further optimise the three-party responsibility for successful school careers of our kids. That requires a clear structure.

To make sure that management and teachers are actually exonerated form things less relevant for teaching, a committee that acts as intercessor and maintains oversight has been instituted.

The coordination committee:

  • Is point of contact for the management and teachers and point of contact for anyone contributing (or wanting to contribute) to SOUL support

  • Has oversight and coordinates actions/ideas/projects

  • Supports the specific committees, if needed

  • Takes care of communication (also between committees) and reports progress

  • Convenes once every two weeks (or more if needed)

  • Can be reached via

2.  Specific committees

Other committees:

  • Are formed by 3-4 members of which one chairperson

  • Do research, make plans and proposals (if needed) to the management via the coordination committee

  • Execute the plans and arrange manpower and funding (in coordination with or via the subsidy & sponsoring committee)

3. Supporters

In order to execute the plans and (small and large) projects from the different committees, SOUL support needs contributors that are willing to sign up for:

  • Ad Hoc support (for instance painting a wall)

  • Regular supoort (for instance reading with children a few hours per week)

What would we like to know?

Are you interested in joining a committee and if so, which one?


Are you available for Ad Hoc and/or specific tasks?